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Innovatronix Explorer Li500 2400Ws portable 240V power supply
[Explor Li500]
Innovatronix Explorer Li500 2400Ws portable 240V power supply
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For Studio Flashes (Monoblocks) NEW Innovatronix Explorer 500Li
all new Innovatronix Explorer Battery Packs: Pure Sine Wave Inverter

For a discerning photographer shooting on-location or outdoors, the all-new Tronix Explorer 500Li Pure Sine Wave Inverter can seamlessly power multiple bi-voltage/digital/analog flash units or monolights, even set at full power.

Tronix Explorer 500Li is rated at 500watts continuous (recommended up to 2400ws instantaneous) and powered by LiFePO4 Li-ion battery. It can provide around 350 flashes using a 400ws monolight (ref: Elinchrom DliteIT 4), or around 700 flashes with a spare battery and at recycling time close to that of the wall socket.

At 4.7 kg (around 10 lbs, battery pack and built-in charger included), this very portable power supply comes with a carrying case for easier handling during on-location photo shoots and offers increased protection against dust, dirt, drips, etc. For extended photo shoots, Tronix Explorer 500Li has an easily-replaceable battery feature for quick installation of spare battery, allowing more chances to get that perfect shot.

Powering computer peripherals and laptops or recharging gadgets such as smartphones are additional capabilities.

The same li-ion battery pack can be used for Tronix Explorer P-Dock, the portable battery pack for small/camera flashes.

· Pure sine wave output, Continuous power supply of up to 500watts, compatible to most bi-voltage/digital/analog flash units or monolights Field replaceable (easy-replaceable) battery pack and detachable from the inverter unit, provision for extra or spare battery With USB port for gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets etc Automatic protection againts overload, short circuit or overheating With visual indicators and audible beeps during operation and charging With power saving feature, 30 minutes auto shut off when left idle Autovolt/Worldwide charging compatibility, accepts 90V to 240V With fixed, built in cooling fans 63% smaller than similar power-rating inverter At 4.7 kg, 31% lighter than similar power-rating inverter Visit this link for the Explorer torture test & other videos
Explorer compatibility chart is at the bottom of this page

This unit can also be used for powering continuous lighting with a maximum load of 350W, or just about any other low power 240V appliance such as laptops, printers etc.

The two 240V power sockets on the front of the unit will accept Australian / EU / UK / US style plugs. Check overseas appliances are 240V / 50Hz compatible before connecting them to the Explorer.

The Explorer has a built in international charger (100-240V), and an Australian power cable is included (adapters are needed to charge it overseas). The Explorer also accepts top up charge from the included 12V cigarette lighter cable but cannot be fully charged from 12V.

This unit will run all LumOz flashes supplied by Image Melbourne, and almost all other monoblock studio flashes. Click the link below to see other brands flash compatibility. Please contact us if your flash is not listed.

Modeling lamps may be used briefly while the flash is not being charged, but must not exceed 350W in total. Prolonged use of modeling lamps will drain the battery quickly as they draw much more power than the flash circuitry. The Explorer should not be used to run modeling lamps and recycle the flash simultaneously.

Specifications :
Capacity : Approx. 1000 full power flashes for 300Ws flash unit OR 50 mins runtime for 150W lights OR 35mins @ 225W
Charging time : 3 - 5 hours
Weight : 8 kilos
Two universal 240V power supply sockets
Includes Australian 240V power cable
12V cigarette lighter cable (for top-up charge only)
Bag is included

The Explorer is NOT suited to powering most floorpacks (large floor standing units that run mutiple flash heads) apart from the specific units mentioned in the compatibility chart below. The Explorer is designed to run monblock flashes i.e. individual flash heads that plug straight into a 240V socket.

Replacement batteries are available from Jaycar electronics, you'll need 2x 12v 7.2ah batteries : CAT. NO. SB2486 @ approx $30 each. Replacement takes 30-45 minutes, instructions are provided with the units.

NB : Most other inverters and generators supply "modified sine wave" 240V which will damage the sensitive electronics in studio flashes and many other modern appliances.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 10 February, 2015.
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