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XL 51 Bone cream Widetone Seamless Background Paper 2.7x45m
XL 51 Bone cream Widetone Seamless Background Paper 2.7x45m
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*Super studio 4 head flash kit rollercase high key & chromakey
2,100.00AUD 1,499.95AUD
*Super studio 4 head flash kit rollercase high key & chromakey
Click to enlarge
*Super studio 4 head flash kit rollercase high key & chromakey
Click to enlarge
*Super studio 4 head flash kit rollercase high key & chromakey
Click to enlarge
*Super studio 4 head flash kit rollercase high key & chromakey
Click to enlarge
*Super studio 4 head flash kit rollercase high key & chromakey
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This kit is ideally suited to high key (white background) or chromakey photography. The 2 large 80x120 softboxes provide lovely soft light as the main and fill lights while the 2 stripboxes make lighting the backdrop easy.

A typical lighting setup is shown in the 2nd image.

Chromakey lighting :
The main light should be approximately 1 stop lower than the main light e.g Main light on full, backdrop on 1/2 power. The backdrop should be a mid green. The aim is to get little to no shadows but not make the backdrop so light that it goes white. Chromakey software works best with the backdrop is definitely green (not almost black or white).

High Key lighting :
The background light should be approximately 1 stop higher than the main light. e.g main light on 1/2 power, backdrop lights on full power. This helps blow the background out so its a nice even white so little to no editing is required.

Low key / general lighting
The 3rd image shows a typical lighting setup for general portrait images. The stripbox on one side has been turned around to act as a rim light. It can also be used positioned horizontally as a hair light. A grid is recommended for this use. The backdrop light is pointed at the middle of the backdrop so the centre will be lit and the corners will naturally be a bit darker for a pleasant effect. Coloured gels can be used to change the colour of the backdrop.

For any setup the fill light is typically 1-2 stops lower than the main light.

Upgrades :
Two different upgrades are available at the bottom of this page, and must be selected before the purchase is completed.

Power : you can choose 600Ws heads instead of the 300Ws flashes for more power.

Grids : You can add grids to the softboxes for $50 each. Grids cannot be added to these softboxes later as the basic softboxes do not have velcro positioned to mount a grid. Grids add contrast to give your photos more "pop" and also narrow the beam of light giving more control over where the light hits. The grids attach via velcro and can easily be removed allowing you the option of shooting with or without a grid. Grids are commonly used on the main light or strip boxes when used as side, rim or hair lights.

Whats included :
  • 4x LumOz digital 300Ws flash heads, all metal with Bowens S type mount
  • Upgrade to 4x 600Ws for $700
  • Grids optional @ $50 ea, please specify which softboxes you want the grids for
  • 2x 2.6m stands
  • 2x 1.9m stands
  • 2x 80x120cm softboxes
  • 2x 30x140cm strip softboxes
  • 1x V4 radio trigger kit
  • 1x additional V4 radio receiver
  • 1x large roller case - holds whole kit
  • 4x 150W halogen modelling lamp
  • 4x 5m long PC sync cable
  • 4x 4m long power cable
  • 4x umbrella reflectors
Optional extras

* Upgrade to 600Ws flashes
* Upgrade to gridded softboxes

These upgrades MUST be selected at the bottom of this page at the time of purchase. The grids cannot be fitted to the standard softbox as the front diffusion panel attaches differently.

Flash Specifications
  • 300 Ws = GN57, 600Ws = GN80
  • Continuously variable flash down to 1/32th
  • Digital power display
  • PerkinElmer tube, color temperature 5500Ką200K
  • Recycle time:0.2-3s
  • Flash duration: 1/1500-1/800s
  • Auto power dumping
  • 150W/250W modelling lamp (proportional/continuous/off)
  • Switchable audible ready signal
  • Optical sensor - allows the strobe to be triggered by other flashes
  • Test button
  • 6.5mm synch socket for triggering the flash by cable or V4 wireless system
  • Power and ready light
  • Fan cooled
  • Weight : 3.5kg
  • Australian wall plug (240v) - no adapter needed
  • 12 month warranty against manufacturing defects

Available Options:
Flash Power:
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