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Rosco Lightpad Loop Single LED ring light kit SPECIAL ORDER
[Loop Single]
Rosco Lightpad Loop Single LED ring light kit SPECIAL ORDER
Click to enlarge
Rosco Lightpad Loop Single LED ring light kit SPECIAL ORDER
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Rosco Lightpad Loop Single LED ring light kit SPECIAL ORDER
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Rosco Lightpad Loop Single LED ring light kit SPECIAL ORDER
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Rosco Lightpad Loop Single LED ring light kit SPECIAL ORDER
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Rosco Lightpad Loop Single LED ring light kit SPECIAL ORDER
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Rosco’s LitePad Loop is a ring light that represents the latest addition to our popular LitePad line of LED lighting fixtures. This Spectrum post will introduce you to the Loop, illustrate a few ways of how it can be used, showcase the differences between the Loop and other ring lights currently in the marketplace and highlight how its features have been designed for professional use, but the technology is simple enough that everyone can use it on their camera.

A ring light is a circular light with a hole in the center for a camera’s lens to fit through. It was originally invented in 1952 by a dentist in order to take close up photos of his patients’ teeth and gums - and ring lights are still used for this purpose today.

However, the ring light was quickly adopted by photographers that adapted the technology for use in the portrait and fashion industries. Because the ring light is perfectly in line with the axis of the lens (not off to the side, or above the lens like many other lights have to be), a well-designed ring light casts practically no shadows on the subject in front of the camera. For portrait and fashion photography, this is ideal as the on-axis fill from a ring light can greatly reduce wrinkles and blemishes on the subjects’ faces. The circular highlights that a ring light produces in the eye is also very desirable, as it adds a dynamic vitality that brings the eyes alive in the shot. It is an effect very commonly used in music videos, fashion commercials, and portrait photography.

The light engine within the Loop is a daylight balanced (approximately 5800K) LitePad, which means that the Loop comes with all of its unique features that have been meeting the first three above requirements for years. Thanks to its LitePad technology, the Loop is light-weight, weighing in at only 2.4 lbs (1.1 kg) and has a slim profile with a thickness of only 1.3″ (33 mm).

Because ring lights are often used in close-up photography, the directional beam from other LED ring lights can cast unpleasant shadows, and create an uncomfortable work environment for the subject being lit. Thanks to the soft, indirect, shadowless light output of LitePad Loop, the subject not only looks great - but they will blink less during the session because the LEDs aren’t shining directly into their eyes for hours-on-end. This becomes especially important when you find yourself lighting a person that isn’t used to being lit for camera, such as an engineer or CFO - making Loop an excellent choice for lighting corporate videos or social media headshots.

All LitePads are easily battery powered, but with LitePad Loop we added even more power accessories to make it easy to attach the batteries directly to the Loop allowing you to go completely cordless. There is a LitePad Loop AA Battery Kit that allows you to power Loop for hours with eight AA batteries. For those with professional batteries on-hand, we also developed two cheese-plate adapters - one that allows you to attach Anton Bauer batteries and another to attach V-Mount batteries.

Perhaps the most innovative feature of LitePad Loop is its two-part mounting system that allows you to quickly attach the Loop to your camera. The Mounting Assembly has a 1/4-20 bolt that threads onto the bottom of almost any modern camera and standard 15mm rods that with a sled with a metal bracket on it. Once you have the Mounting Assembly attached to your camera using the 1/4-20 bolt, the Loop snaps (literally!) into place using high-powered magnets that attach to the metal L-Bracket on the sled. From there, you can move the sled backwards & forwards on the rods and adjust the L-Bracket up & down so that you can position the camera’s lens in the center of the Loop.

The Loop Pro Kit that offers several additional accessories for camera using professionals looking to have more control over the positioning and output of the light.

LitePad Loop is available as an individual unit that comes complete with everything you need to attach the Loop to most cameras - especially DSLRs.

Included items
  • LitePad Loop
  • Main Block
  • Sled
  • Accessory Collar
  • Safety Thumb Screw - 8-32 x 0.39"
  • L-Bracket - 4.0"
  • Rod - 4.0"
  • 10' Right Angle Extension Cable for LitePad
  • 7/64" Allen Key
  • 2 Amp Transformer and Blades with Set 4 Plug Adapters - 2 Amp
  • Drawsting pouch for Lightpad Loop
  • Safety Cord
  • Manual
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
See the link below for more information.

Accessories such as the camera & lens are not included. The last 3 images demonstrate the lighting this product produces. The Lightpad Loop is a continuous light not a flash but is useful for stills or video.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 31 January, 2013.
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