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Canon eTTL flash trigger by Yongnuo STE2 ST-E2
Canon eTTL flash trigger by Yongnuo STE2 ST-E2
Click to enlarge
Canon eTTL flash trigger by Yongnuo STE2 ST-E2
Click to enlarge
Canon eTTL flash trigger by Yongnuo STE2 ST-E2
Click to enlarge
Canon eTTL flash trigger by Yongnuo STE2 ST-E2
Click to enlarge
Canon eTTL flash trigger by Yongnuo STE2 ST-E2
Click to enlarge

This is the Yongnou version of the Canon STE2. It allows infrared wireless control of Canon speedlight flashes and supports ETTL including ratio control.

Advantages over the Canon version
Greater range - upto 25m
Swivel foot (approx 250 degrees)
Uses AA batteries not expensive CR5s
Controls Group C as well as A & B (via camera menu provided your body offers this). The Canon version does not trigger group C.

Included items
  • Yongnuo STE2 transmitter
  • Stand
  • Instruction booklet
  • fabric case
*** NOT compatible with 1100D or 600D ***
Does work with all older models of Canon digital SLR

Thanks to Darren I have now tested the Yongnuo STE2 with a Canon 7D. Here is what we found with 2 AA Eneloops installed as power source.

Sync speed :
Will sync with Canon flashes in normal and HSS modes up to 1/8000 sec

Power control
The YN STE2 offers TTL power ratio control of groups A & B via camera menu and / or buttons on the STE2. It also offers control of Group C power via the camera menu.

It does NOT support control of flash power in manual mode - nor does the original Canon version.

AF assist
The STE2 emits several highly focussed beams, similar to a LED laser & AF assist works well at 15m... the furthest we were able to test indoors. AF assist works even if no flash is being used.

TTL range
We tested mid afternoon in a semi shaded area and found TTL synced at 30m outdoors. At 35m the flash will fire but is not always in sync.

Other bits and pieces
The YN STE2 runs on 2x AA batteries and is happy using rechargeables - unlike the Canon version which only takes expensive non rechargeable litihums

The YN STE2 swivels - approx 250 degrees whereas the Canon one is fixed

AF & TTL range are considerably better than the Canon version

The test button is handy, as are the hard buttons for A:B ratio and HSS

Batteries & camera for illustration purposes only

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 15 September, 2010.
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