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XL 60 Focus Gray Widetone Seamless Background Paper 2.7x45m
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Gel kit x55 Rosco Strobist collection - FREE POST*
Gel kit x55 Rosco Strobist collection - FREE POST*
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FREE POST* when ordered with any other item!

*If you order all "free post" items you pay postage on the first item, then the rest ship free.

This filter pack contains 55 Rosco special effect and colour correction gels in a light weight plastic storage box.

The colour correction gels are designed to convert the light coming from your flash from 5500K daylight to a colour which matches the three other most common light sources : tungsten, overcast daylight and fluorescent lighting. This allows you to balance your flash lighing with ambient without introducing an unpleasant colour cast

The gels are specially cut to 80mm x 38mm to suit almost any speedlight flash. Please note these gels are not large enough to be mounted with velcro alone. They are best mounted using one of our specially designed gel holders (sold separately).

NB : Rosco gels are highly heat resistant, however flashes get very hot especially on full power. To avoid damage leave a small gap between the flash and gel holder. If using tape make sure you arc the gel over the front element of the flash leaving at least a 2mm air gap for the flash energy to dissipate.

Strobist Kit Contents:

5 each
Cinegel #3202 Full CTB - Cooling Filter
Cinegel #3204 1/2 CTB - Cooling Filter
Cinegel #3208 1/4 CTB - Cooling Filter
Cinegel #3401 Sun 85 CTO - Warming Filter (Converts 5500 Flash to 3200 Tungsten)
Cinegel #3408 Sun 1/2 CTO - Warming Filter
Cinegel #3409 Sun 1/4 CTO - Warming Filter
Roscolux #08 Pale Gold - Warming Filter (With a small amount of pink for skin tones)
Cinegel #3304 Tough Plusgreen - Adds green to flash to match cool white fluorescent bulbs

2 each
Cinegel #3415 N.15 Neutral Density
Cinegel #3403 N.6 Neutral Density
Cinegel #3404 N.9 Neutral Density

1 each
Roscolux #12 Straw (Yellow)
Roscolux #23 Orange
Roscolux #26 Light Red
Roscolux #33 No Color Pink
Roscolux #39 Skelton Exotic Sangria (Magenta)
Roscolux #358 Rose Indigo (Purple)
Roscolux #80 Primary Blue
Roscolux #375 Cerulean Blue (Cyan)
Roscolux #90 Dark Yellow Green
Light weight plastic storage box

Gel holder to mount gels onto flashes sold separately.

Looking for more colours? Check out our new CTS (Colour to Straw for more pleasing skin tones) and CTG pack which also includes 1/8 strength CTO and CTB to compliment the 55 gels in this pack

NB: The gels are 38x80mm (1.5" x 3.25") as specified - Rosco was originally planning to make them only 1"x3" in size and this was printed on the packs in error.

Flash & gel holder sold separately.

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 16 September, 2009.
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