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*Cactus RF60X Radio Control Speedlight master slave flash RF-60X
*Cactus RF60X Radio Control Speedlight master slave flash RF-60X
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LP180R Radio Remote TTL Speedlight Flash LumoPro LP-180R
LP180R Radio Remote TTL Speedlight Flash LumoPro LP-180R
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LP180R Radio Remote TTL Speedlight Flash LumoPro LP-180R
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LP180R Radio Remote TTL Speedlight Flash LumoPro LP-180R
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LP180R Radio Remote TTL Speedlight Flash LumoPro LP-180R
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LP180R Radio Remote TTL Speedlight Flash LumoPro LP-180R
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· The LP180R Off Camera Flash features built-in Phottix® Odin™ and Strato™ II Multi receivers, which allow remote triggering using Phottix® Odin™ or Strato™ transmitters, without the need for an external receiver. The internal receiver also enables remote power and zoom adjustments and off-camera Canon and Nikon TTL compatibility in the LP180R when using a Phottix® Odin™ transmitter. With all the features of the LP180 and the addition of a built-in radio receiver, the LP180R is the next step for photographers looking to extend their OCF reach.

No more running back and forth between your camera and your flash! Photographers can save time and energy by adjusting the LP180R's settings remotely. Remote adjustments to the LP180R's power and zoom settings may be made using a Phottix® Odin™ or Phottix® Mitros+™ for Canon or Nikon.

The LP180R now features five ways to sync: built-in radio receiver, hot shoe, 3.5mm (miniphone), PC and optical slave. The built-in radio receiver can be triggered by Phottix® Odin™ or Strato™ transmitters, which saves the expense and complication of an external receiver.

With four different wireless modes, the LP180R gives you the versatility you need. Fire the LP180R on-camera, via the optical slave or using an external trigger using the Wireless Off mode. Or trigger the flash using one of the three wireless radio receiving modes: Odin™ Rx for Canon, Odin™ Rx for Nikon and Strato™ Rx.

The LP180R also features three flash modes: TTL, Manual and Multi. Canon and Nikon users can use the LP180R's TTL mode to get the right exposure in situations like weddings or events where the lighting environment is changing quickly. TTL controls include 3 stops in 1/3 stop increments.Manual mode gives you full control over your power and zoom settings, without input from your camera. Make adjustments from full power to 1/128 in 1/3 stop increments.

Multi mode is available for Canon and Nikon users to use for capturing subjects in motion with stroboscopic photography.

Keep your flashes organized with four channels and three groups. Channels and groups can be controlled while using a Phottix® Odin™, Mitros+™ or Strato™ II transmitter.

When using a Phottix® Odin™ or Mitros+™ for Canon and a Canon camera, high speed sync (HSS) and second curtain sync (SCS) are available in the LP180R's Rx-C wireless mode.

A standard ¼" screw mount offers flexibility in mounting your flash. When shooting into an umbrella, use the LP180R's side mount with your swivel and get your light near dead center of the umbrella. Don't have a light stand? No problem - just use the side mount to attach the LP180 to any tripod or accessory with a ¼" screw.

The LP180's high voltage battery port allows the use of alternative Canon style power sources to give extra life to those AA batteries and decrease recycle time. A high voltage battery can reduce recycle times to 1-2 seconds at full power.

Enjoy full control over your light with 1/3-stop power adjustments and a built-in gel holder. The LP180R continues all features found in the LP180, including: audible flash-ready tone, sleep mode and a backlit LCD screen.

Like the LP180, the LP180R's durable body design and internal components are built to hold up under heavy use in the toughest environments. An intuitive interface makes the LP180R simple to use straight out of the box. Every unit is backed up by a 2-year international warranty.

A full overview of LP180R features and instructions for use can be found in the included Owner's Manual, link at the bottom of this page.

Included Items:
· LP180 flash
· Soft case
· Flash stand
· 3.5mm miniphone to 3.5mm miniphone sync cord
· Owners Manual
· 2 year warranty
· Pre-cut Rosco gels as below :

Color Correction :
· #3407- Full CTO (Converts 6500K to 3200K)
· #3411- 3/4 CTO (Converts 5500K to 3200K)
· #3408- 1/2 CTO (Converts 5500K to 3800K)
· #3409- 1/4 CTO (Converts 5500K to 4500K)
· #3304- Tough Plus Green
· #3315- 1/2 Tough Plus Green
· #3316- 1/4 Tough Plus Green
· #3204- Half Blue
· #3208- Quarter Blue

Color Effects:
· #12 Straw Yellow
· #23 Orange
· #339 Broadway Pink
· #381 Baldassari Blue
· #89 Moss Green
· #2001 Storaro Red
· #02 Bastard Amber
· #4815 CalColor 15 Pink
· #347 Belladonna Rose
· #117 Tough + White Diffusion
· #3152 Urban Vapor

Neutral Density:
· #3402 N.3 (1-Stop)
· #3415 N.15 (1/2-Stop)

TTL is ONLY possible when using the Odin transmitter. Otherwise the LP180R will fire in manual mode.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
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