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LP180 LumoPro Quad-Sync Manual Speedlight Flash LP-180
299.95AUD 250.00AUD
LP180 LumoPro Quad-Sync Manual Speedlight Flash LP-180
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LP180 LumoPro Quad-Sync Manual Speedlight Flash LP-180
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Building on the success of its predecessors, the LP180 Quad-Sync Manual Speedlight Flash provides an essential solution for off-camera flash enthusiasts. The LP180 introduces a new design and updated features incorporating feedback from photographers around the world. A ¼" mounting thread, a high voltage battery port, a built-in gel/filter slot and the ability to make 1/3-stop power adjustments are just a few of the exciting improvements in this current model. In addition to innovative features, photographers can expect the same high quality build, reliability and 2 year warranty found in previous models.

The LP180 has been completely redesigned - not only for a unique look, but with enhanced functionality as well. The LP180’s side ¼" thread mount makes mounting the flash directly to light stands or swivels effortless. This mount makes it easier than ever to shoot directly into an umbrella when using an umbrella bracket. An eagerly anticipated high voltage battery port has been added for photographers looking to gain faster recycle times.

Another LP180 innovation is the built in gel slot, which allows photographers to change the color of light output without a separate gel holder or system. The brand new gel slot is specially designed for the included gels and bows the gels out and away from the flash head to avoid melting or distorting the gels’ shape. Plus, the LP180 includes a built-in wide angle diffuser and bounce card, giving greater control over light output, even without extra modifiers.

The LP180 also features a redeveloped mounting foot fitted with a sliding latch for securely locking the flash on swivel brackets, cameras or triggering devices. The refreshed foot also features a drop down locking pin to secure the flash to cameras and other compatible hotshoes. An upgraded battery door operates smoothly with improved spring-loaded hinges. The new design also introduces a backlit LCD screen to the LP180 interface for easy flash control and easy use in low light.

The updates don’t stop with a contemporary look, the LP180 circuitry has been refined as well. All new software powers an updated interface with added features such as a flash ready tone tone and user selectable sleep mode. A thermal cut off slows recycling instead of cutting off the flash, expanding the limits of safe use with a high voltage battery. The LP180’s 1/3-stop increments enable finer control over power adjustments. And with minimum power going all the way down to 1/128, photographers can match the needs of any situation. Build quality of the LP180’s internal components has also been improved to make one of the most durable speedlights in the market, even stronger.

As with previous LumoPro flashes, the LP180 features sync via standard hot shoe, PC port, 3.5mm miniphone port, and optical slave. The optical slave features 11 different settings – one simple slave mode and 10 alternative slave modes that ignore between one and ten pre-flashes. More information on using various slave modes can be found in the included Owner’s Manual.

The LP180 boasts a guide number of 110 feet, making it equivalent to top-of-the-line models from major flash manufacturers. The reliability and affordability that built the LP160’s reputation in the photographic community have been carried over in the LP180 as well. And as always, LumoPro® backs every LP180 with a 2-year international warranty. A full overview of LP180 features and instructions for use can be found in the included Owner’s Manual.

· Power Source: Four (4) 1.5v AA size batteries (Alkaline or rechargeable NiMH)
· NB: Do not use Nickel Zinc (NiZN) batteries as they can cause internal damage to the LP180.
· Sync: 3.5mm (1/8”) Miniphone port, PC port, standard ISO hot shoe, and built-in optical slave.
· Recycling Time: 4 seconds at full power with fresh NiMH batteries
· 1 second recycle at full power with high voltage battery input
· Bounce Angle: -7°, 0°, 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°
· Swivel Angle: 360° Total : 0°- 180° left & right
· Built-in Slave Function: S0 (off), S1 (standard optical slave) · Preflash synchronization slave : S2-1 through S2-10
· Sleep mode engages after 20 minutes (if enabled).
· Auto power-off engages 3 hours after sleep mode.
· Flash Ready Indicator: Front & rear LED light, optional ready tone.
· Hot Shoe: Standard ISO size, center pin contact, mounting foot lock with drop down locking pin.
· Flash Body Dimensions: 8.125” x 2.5” x 2”
· Flash Head Dimensions: 2.875” x 1.75”
· Weight (without batteries): 15oz (0.9lbs)

Included Items:
· LP180 flash
· Soft case
· Flash stand
· 3.5mm miniphone to 3.5mm miniphone sync cord
· Owners Manual
· 2 year warranty
· Pre-cut Rosco gels as below :

Color Correction :
· #3407- Full CTO (Converts 6500K to 3200K)
· #3411- 3/4 CTO (Converts 5500K to 3200K)
· #3408- 1/2 CTO (Converts 5500K to 3800K)
· #3409- 1/4 CTO (Converts 5500K to 4500K)
· #3304- Tough Plus Green
· #3315- 1/2 Tough Plus Green
· #3316- 1/4 Tough Plus Green
· #3204- Half Blue
· #3208- Quarter Blue

Color Effects:
· #12 Straw Yellow
· #23 Orange
· #339 Broadway Pink
· #381 Baldassari Blue
· #89 Moss Green
· #2001 Storaro Red
· #02 Bastard Amber
· #4815 CalColor 15 Pink
· #347 Belladonna Rose
· #117 Tough + White Diffusion
· #3152 Urban Vapor

Neutral Density:
· #3402 N.3 (1-Stop)
· #3415 N.15 (1/2-Stop)

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