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* Cactus V6 Radio Remote Power Master Flash Transceiver Trigger
[V6 Single]
145.00AUD 100.00AUD
* Cactus V6 Radio Remote Power Master Flash Transceiver Trigger
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Special - while stocks last!
*** Olympus & Panasonic flash compatibility added - see specs ***

The Cactus V6 is a revolutionary radio flash triggering system that allows remote power control of Canon, Nikon and Pentax flashes* from any camera*. Its also a great companion for the Cactus RF60 remote control speedlight flash.

Flash Profile
By using an exclusive flash profile learning program, the V6 can learn unique power level characteristics from various flash models. More than 30 popular flash models have been profiled and pre-installed on the V6. If a TTL flash model is not listed, the V6 may learn its profile to allow remote power control.

Group power display
Like its predecessor the V5, the Cactus V6 runs on the proven 2.4GHz radio frequency and has a transceiver design. It has four selectable flash groups with dedicated buttons with LED back light. A back-lid LCD screen shows the power levels of all four groups at all times. Cactus V5 triggers are backwards compatible with the new V6.

Quick power adjustments
Control is extremely easy and swift with the use of a selection dial and combination of the group buttons. By default, scrolling the dial either direction will adjust all the groups flash output power at the same time. To adjust an individual group, simply press and hold the group button and scroll the adjustment dial. Changes will be instantly made on the V6 receiver and its attached flash.

The V6 can control the Cactus RF60 remote speedlight flash directly as the RF60 has a V6 compatible transceiver unit built in! Purchasing additional V6 units allows triggering and powrr control of many other TTL flashes* so you can build a remote power controlled flash system using your existing* flashes along with Cactus's RF60. No other system offers this flexibility.

Major features:
  • Wireless manual power control of many current and previous Canon, Nikon, and Pentax flashes
  • Power control of the Cactus RF60 flash via it's built in radio receiver
  • Flash profile learning for analog TTL flashes
  • Full manipulation of power levels in 1/10, 1/3, 1/2 or 1EV steps
  • Lo Power mode fires the flash for extremely short lengths of time
  • Absolute Power Mode benchmarks the power output of different flash models to the same light intensity
  • TTL pass-through with Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, and Fujifilm cameras via one single unit
  • Built-in optical trigger enables pre-flash triggering
  • Grouping allows you to control up to four remote groups plus control the on camera flash independently
  • Relay mode triggers the camera shutter and flash in sync
  • Delay timer is configurable from 1 millisecond to 10 seconds
  • Mini-USB port for optional power supply and firmware updates - link at the bottom of this page

Cactus V6 brings off camera lighting to new dimensions where it widens the choice of cameras and lights for achieving remote power control.

Pre-programmed with the following flash models:
Learning mode is provided to allow the V6 to profile many other Canon, Nikon or Pentax compatible speedlights
Canon TTL / E-TTL models:
- Canon 580EX I & II, 600EX & EX-RT, 430EX I & II, 320EX, 540EZ,
- Cactus AF45C, AF50C
- Godox V860C
- Metz 36AF-5, 44AF-1, 50AF-1, 52AF-1, 58AF-1, 58AF-2
- Nissin Di866 MARK II, MG8000
- Sigma EF-500 DG SUPER
- Yongnuo YN568EX II

Nikon TTL / i-TTL models:
- Nikon SB-600, SB-700, SB-800, SB-900, SB-910, SB-24, SB-28
- Cactus AF45N, AF50N
- Metz 36AF-5, 44AF-1, 58AF-2
- Nissin Di700, Di866
- Sigma EF-530 DG SUPER

Pentax TTL / P-TTL models:
- Cactus AF45P, AF50P
- Metz 36AF-5, 44AF-1, 50AF-1, 58AF-2
- Pentax AF 360FGZ, AF 540FGZ

Olympus TTL models
- Olympus FL-50R, FL-36R
* Power control NOT SUPPORTED, triggering only: Olympus FL-600R, FL-300R

Panasonic TTL models
- Panasonic FL-500R, FL-360R
- Metz 58 AF-2 , 52 AF-1, 44 AF-1
* Power control NOT SUPPORTED, triggering only: Panasonic FL-580L, FL-360

  • Working radio frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Number of channels: 16
  • Number of groups: 4 remote plus on camera group
  • Supports sync speed up to 1/1,000 second (subject to camera’s sync speed limitation)
  • Range : 100 meters (field-tested up to 270 meters)
  • Power input: Two AA batteries or mini USB 2.0, DC input 5V, 500mA~1A
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C
  • Flash voltage handling: 300V
  • Camera voltage handling: 6V
  • Dimensions: 72mm (L) x 72mm (W) x 42 mm (H)
  • Weight: 68g

Package contents:
  • V6 Transceiver
  • Flash stand FS-2
  • Album
  • English user manual

*Notes on compatibility:
  • Cactus V6 is compatible with the Wireless Flash Transceiver V5 and Laser Trigger LV5.
  • Cactus V6 is compatible with practically all cameras that come with either (1) a standard ISO hot shoe, or (2) a female sync port connection
  • Cactus V6 will not trigger any other flash trigger model including Cactus V4, V2s or V2
  • Cactus V6 allows TTL pass through when mounted on a cameras hotshoe
  • Cactus V6 does not transmit TTL information wirelessly
  • Cactus V6 is not compatible with flashes or strobes with reversed polarity connectors
  • Cactus V6 does not work some dedicated flashes that are triggered via system-specific pins instead of the central contact of the hot shoe (e.g. Nissin Di-622 and Di-466 (Canon and Nikon dedicated versions), Sunpak PZ42x and PZ30, Sigma EF-530/500 DG ST for Canon, etc.)

Link to firmware updater for Mac & Windows below :

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 03 January, 2018.
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