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Radio Popper NIKON PX TTL Receiver Australian version
[PX TX Nikon]
299.95AUD 149.95AUD
Radio Popper NIKON PX TTL Receiver Australian version
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Radio Popper NIKON PX TTL Receiver Australian version
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The Radio Popper PX Receiver allows use of TTL via the best wireless flash system in the world, the PX System. Australian frequency now available.

The PX system gives you full wireless radio control over your remote flashes via ETTL/iTTL as it fully integrates into Nikon or Canons flash system.

High Speed Sync up to 1/8000th
Canon and Nikon compatible
1,500' / 450m range
NO line of sight issues - works through walls and around corners
NO sunlight interference
NO cables
NO programming or PC needed

To take advantage of Nikons CLS allowing iTTL, manual and High Speed Sync, all while avoiding the drawbacks of line of sight, short range and sunlight interference, you'll need a PX Receiver. All PX units ship in Canon mode, simply switch the PX transmitter and receiver to Nikon mode to enable iTTL support.

For every off-camera flash you'll use, you will need a PX Receiver. Although the PX receivers and transmitters are compatible with both Canon and Nikon, each receiver comes with a mounting bracket that is specific to either Canon or Nikon flashes.

Compatible Slave Devices (Nikon):
SB-910 AF Speedlight, SB-900 AF Speedlight, SB-800 AF Speedlight, SB-600 AF Speedlight
SB-700 & Yongnuo 565EX can also be used, but the receiver must currently be mounted with velcro as the IR sensor is in a different location than on the other Nikon flashes.
Nissin Di866 - use Canon bracket in 580EX position

This item includes:
(1) RadioPopper PX Receiver Unit
(1) Antenna
(2) AAA sized battery
(1) Nikon mounting bracket
At least one Radiopopper PX transmitter is required to make a complete working set. Transmitter sold separately.

Warranty: This product includes a one year limited warranty against materials defects.
NB: These units are different to the US version.

Sample setup :
Nikon D3100 with SB700 and PX Transmitter can be used to control:
2 SB900 flash units in iTTL mode with PX Receivers
2 Alien Bee B800s with JrX Studio Receivers set to group A and group B
1 Nikon SB-28 with an RPCube

With this setup the user is able to control all of the iTTL settings of the SB900 flashes as they normally would using the D3100 with SB700 mounted on camera as master and Radio Popper transmitter mounted on the SB700.

The Alien Bee B800s power levels can be adjusted from the camera with the PX Transmitter. The SB-28 strobe can also be turned on or off from the camera with the PX Transmitter.

Click on the link at the bottom of this page for a compatibility guide and more sample setups.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 28 June, 2011.
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